Usb-C (Type-C) Will Become Standard in the European Union

Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras have now become an integral part of daily life. The difference in the charging cable of these electronic devices, where each brand offers consumers a choice with dozens of different models, has been the biggest inconvenience for consumers for a long time. The European Union (EU) has now produced a solution to this chaos.

The European Union, which has reached an agreement with the MANUFACTURER and supplier representatives, sets a standard for charging small and medium-sized electronic devices as of 2024. According to the agreement, a USB-C type charging cable will be used in such devices. The application is expected to come into effect from the summer or autumn of 2024. The obligation to charge with a standard cable will apply to vehicles manufactured after this date. The standard cable requirement will apply to mobile phones and tablets, as well as headsets, speakers, e-book readers, mice, navigation tools, smart watches and computer game joysticks. Laptops will also be required to be charged with USB-C, but the transition period will be long for them.
The EU Commission plans to save money for consumers with this application. After this arrangement, the consumer will not have to buy a new charging cable every time he buys a new electronic device. The EU has announced that this will save 250 million euros per year. In addition, approximately 11 thousand tons of electronic waste will be saved annually.

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