Avast AV Program Is Certainly not Responding

If your Avast software is certainly not responding, you may have to restart your computer to repair the problem. Besides rebooting your laptop or computer, you should also try circumventing Remote control Computer System Providers. If all the above solutions usually do not work, contact Avast customer service. If the UTAV service still does not reply, follow the next steps:

In the event the problem visit this page persists, the error may be caused by incorrect options of the Avast security program, or the house windows services construction. If you face the same problem, it is best to contact Avast customer care immediately to have a fix. It’s not necessary to erase or uninstall your anti-virus program — the process may well affect other regions of your program. It may take a little extra time for the antivirus computer software to start after restarting your personal computer.

Another possible cause of AV support not reacting is the inaccurate configuration of this UTAV company. A damaged Windows document can also trigger this error. To fix this problem, contact Avast customer service for further assistance. You may also have to update the Avast application. A free demo of Avast is available. For anyone who is not able to get a free trial release of Avast, try a totally free version 1st.

If the problem persists, you should consider uninstalling the Avast anti virus software. You can test to repair the Avast computer software using the internet or your computer. The Glass windows automatic bring up to date feature will look for obtainable updates. In case the Avast application still is not really responding, you can also try final the distant desktop service. After performing that, restart your computer to see if that fixes the challenge. This way, you can expect to be able to use the Avast software again without any problems.


The very best Board Web site Software

There are many rewards to plank portal application. These systems allow individuals to easily upload documents and create a data source before a gathering. They also retain board people informed and notify all of them of changes in real time. Aboard web destination software even offers robust security measures to assure sensitive data is not really accessed simply by unauthorized top protection for mac users. Boars’ software is hosted on a protect data center to protect mother board documents. The very best board webpage software contains advanced encryption technologies that ensure simply users with special clearance can gain access to documents.

BoardPro helps you plan online aboard meetings. The software allows you to group meeting items into groups and circulate them to all members with one just click. It also allows you to annotate board documents collaboratively. BoardPro also files meetings digitally, allowing users to access them from any computer. BoardPro even offers online board voting. By allowing for members to participate in internet meetings, table members can possibly make decisions on behalf of the business. Whether a aboard member is in a remote site or over a different prude, the software allows them to participate.

Plank management software is actually a powerful tool to streamline your organization’s activities. It improves the entire experience of company directors and minimizes financial costs. By minimizing the time and effort spent on physical space, digital table management eliminates the need for paperboards and other board components. Furthermore, well-selected table management web destination software decreases the time and effort of administrators and IT departments. This way, you may spend more time to the mission of the organization.


Avast Antivirus Review

In this Avast antivirus assessment, we’ll cover what makes Avast an excellent decision for laptop protection. This popular antivirus has over 400 , 000, 000 users on the globe, so it must be a reliable choice. It will not strain your computer, but will fight malware devoid of your realize. Its list of tools is usually impressive. Nevertheless , we’ll focus on the no cost version of Avast in this review. We will talk about the pros and cons of each option.

Avast’s boot-time diagnostic helps you prevent malware before it’s past too far. This complex scan just takes 12 minutes, although detects spyware and adware that might not really be visible. It also bank checks your privacy settings and browser threats. Really worth talking about that the cost-free version of Avast also includes Avast Superior Security. This system has several security features that are well worth checking out, which include Avast’s Sensible Scan.

Avast’s security features are amazing, as well as the friendly interface. It obstructions malicious websites and downloading, and defends your i . d online. Avast also masks the digital personality by monitoring your email address and accounts. Another great feature is the fact it works in all major systems, including MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android os. You can install the Avast antivirus on any of them to make sure you’re protected.

Avast incorporates a minimalist, easy-to-use interface. That shows current security status and the brilliant scanner. You can also start a have a look at to check with regards to security and privacy problems. The main dashboard includes level of privacy, protection, and performance sections, every of which features several sub-sections. Each time a feature is normally not available, it’s simple to identify the status quo by enjoying an on/off toggle. It’s important to really know what each section covers prior to proceeding to another step.


Cellular Antivirus Program

Besides featuring virus coverage, mobile anti-virus software as well protects the phone via spyware and also other malware. Some programs have got features that keep your data private, just like calendar and contact list monitoring, and fire wall protection. You can choose from a variety of plans, starting at $3. 75 every month, which includes the details protection characteristic. However , you should note that these applications happen to be not suitable for every single situation. For instance, if you have a Symbian-based smartphone, you will not be competent to install BullGuard Mobile Reliability.

In 2018, Kaspersky Labs reported obstructing 116. your five million mobile infections, although this quantity is lower within prior years. That means that the good portable antivirus computer software app can protect approximately 6% of users in the UK, Canada, and US. Unfortunately, many sellers do not boost their software and continue to launch shoddy goods. Some of these portable antivirus applications actually discovered weaknesses in systems incidental to scanning for the purpose of malware. Therefore , you should select a product that has kept up to date malware to do this to avoid illness.

AVG has become one of the biggest players in the ant-virus software space for quite some time. They’ve bought AVG in 2016, and the free version includes a selection of features like anti-theft keeping track of via Google Maps and a trash characteristic. While AVAST is a better known antivirus security software app, AVG has some significant differences and is not necessarily the best option for all. You might consider AVG because the best choice when you’ve been trying to find free ant-virus software for your Android machine.


Document Management in a VDR

The first step in document management in a VDR is to build a document arrangement. Most VDRs have a bulk establishing option. Once you have created a document make up, you need to publish the files in the VDR. Make sure to set up access levels to your consumers to enable you to control who are able to see which documents and which data. After you have uploaded the documents, you can assign permission amounts to different users, which can be finished with the help of data room computer software.

A online data bedroom also known as a package room is known as a secure on the web repository for the purpose of documents that multiple users require entry to at the same time. Frequently , these bedrooms are used by businesses to get joint endeavors, mergers, and audit operations. The security on this type of database is far superior to those of a physical storage center where data can be thieved and misplaced. A VDR can be more accessible than a classic data place because it ipvanish review is instantly available and widely available.

Management in a VDR should be user-friendly and easy to use. Users should be capable of easily sort through the paperwork in the VDR and start with the information they need. A VDR with this kind of functionality could be difficult to do a comparison of since many arrive bundled using a number of features. While this could sound like a good idea, you should evaluate the different options that come with each VDR before assigning. A VDR with these features may provide an good ROI.


What is NFT? How is NFT created? How to buy NFTs? What Does It Do?

One of the most vocal concepts in the technology world since last year has undoubtedly been NFTs together with the metaverse. In the process, we have witnessed people paying thousands or even millions of dollars for works that do not physically exist, and we continue to be. However, there is a fact that many people do not know exactly what NFTs are and what they work for. So in this article, we will try to explain the concept of NFT to you as much as we can, based on the relevant article by The Verge.

What Does NFT Mean?

NFT is actually an abbreviated version of the expression ”non-fungible token”. This phrase means that the thing in question is unique and cannot be replaced by anything else. For example, a Bitcoin can be exchanged or, in other words, exchanged. When you exchange one Bitcoin for another Bitcoin, you get exactly the same thing. However, a game card that is the only one of its kind cannot be changed. That is, when you exchange the playing card in question for another card, you get a completely different playing card.

In a technical sense, we can say that each NFT has a unique token on its blockchain. However, NFTs can be like a work of art with only one real version on the one hand, and they can also be like a work of art with hundreds of numbered copies on the other hand.

What is the Working Logic of NFTs?

Most of the very high-level NFTs are part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Dogecoin. But the Ethereum blockchain also supports these NFTs, which store extra information that makes it work differently from an Ethereum cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that other blockchains may also implement their own version of NFT. Which is already available in NFT versions of some of them already.

What is the Purpose of NFTs?

The answer to this question varies depending on whether you are an NFT manufacturer/artist or an NFT buyer.

If you are an artist, NFTs offer you the opportunity to sell your work, which may not have much of a market under normal circumstances. For example, when you come up with an idea for a digital sticker that really sounds good, the most likely way to turn it into money is to put it up for sale as an NFT. In addition, if you enable it, there is also an NFT feature that allows you to be paid a percentage every time your NFTs are sold or changed hands. This feature also allows you to still benefit from your work if your work became popular after you disposed of it.

If we are going to approach the event from the point of view of a buyer or, in other words, an art collector, one of the obvious benefits of buying an art product is that it allows you to financially support the artists you love. This also applies to NFTs. Buying an NFT, in general, also gives you some basic usage rights, such as sharing it online, setting it as your profile picture if it is an image. In addition, it is worth noting that October of course, you will have the right to brag on social media and on the left about the fact that you are the owner of the NFT in question.

In addition to these, NFTs can function like other speculative assets (for example, a physical collectible) that you have purchased and hope to increase in value one day. In other words, any NFT can add up its value over time and thus you can profit from that NFT by selling it at a higher price than you get. Of course, let us also remind you that you are as likely to cause harm as with any speculative asset.

What Are the Products Worth Buying on the NFT Market?

NFTs can be anything that is digital: drawings, songs, videos and more… But at the moment, the NFT world is focusing on leveraging this technology to sell digital art in general. The focus of discussions on NFTs is on the evolution of art collecting along with digital art.

By the way, when Dec said that NFTs can be anything that is digital, we really meant everything. Even his tweets… because Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, sold his first tweet as an NFT for about $2.5 million.

Are NFTs Evolving into Digital Art Collecting?

Considering the people who paid about $390,000 for a 50-second video created by Grimes or about $6.6 million for a video created by Beeple, we can safely say that some people think that NFTs will evolve into digital art collecting.

One of the notable examples of this situation was one of the digital works of art that Beeple auctioned and sold at the famous auction house Christie’s. This digital image that Beeple auctioned at Christie’s has found a buyer for exactly $ 69 million. This figure was $ 15 million more than the selling price of the famous French painter Monet’s painting “Nymphéas”, which was sold in 2014.

But at this point, there is an important problem: you can copy the digital art product contained in the NFT as much as you want. But NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied: ownership of the work (but the artist can retain copyright and reproduction rights, just like in physical works of art). If we need to illustrate it from the point of view of physical art collecting, anyone can buy a Mona Lisa painting, but only one person can own the original.

Whoever actually owns the Mona Lisa painting can consider it a physical object. As for digital art products, any copy is literally as good as the original one.

Have NFTs Become Mainstream?

By this time, we have witnessed that major brands such as Marvel and famous people such as Wayne Gretzky have put their own NFTs up for sale. However, such brands and celebrities are targeting more traditional collectors rather than crypto currency enthusiasts with the NFTs they have issued. As a result, although there has been a strong interest in NFTs since last year, it is more accurate to say that CURRENTLY NFTs have not become a mainstream.

What Does the New Generation Think About NFTS?

Whenever it comes to the adoption of new technologies, the new generation is always taking the lead in this regard. Of course, this remains the case for NFT technology. Although an 18-year-old known by the name of FEWOCiOUS has stated that the total value of his NFT drops has exceeded $17 million, this is not an uncommon achievement. The New York Times newspaper spoke to several young people involved in the NFT business. Some of the young people said that they use NFTs as a way to get used to working on a project with a team or just to get some pocket money.

Can an Article Be Purchased as an NFT?

Of course, an article online can also be sold as an NFT, because technically everything that is digital can be sold as an NFT. Which, of course, has already been done. Quartz, the press organization that prepares news for the global business world and the economy, announced that it had sold its first NFT news article for $1,800 in March 2021. In fact, The New York Times newspaper has recently put an article up for sale as an NFT.

Can Any Physical Object Be Sold as an NFT?

By this time, some attempts had been made to connect NFTs to real-world objects, usually as a kind of verification method. For example, Nike has patented a method that allows verifying the authenticity of sneakers using an NFT system called “CryptoKicks”. In other words, although a physical object is not sold directly as an NFT, we have seen a number of examples of NFTs being integrated with physical objects. But this does not mean that a physical object cannot be sold as an NFT. Who knows? Perhaps something like this has already been done somewhere in the depths of the NFT world…

What Are the Popular Sunday Places Where You Can Buy and Sell NFT?

There are many Sunday places that allow people to buy and sell NFTs. But the three most prominent of these Sundays are OpenSea, Rare and Nifty Gateway.

Can NFTs be Stolen?

This varies depending on the situation. One of the most important advantages of the technology block chain, crypto currency or any transaction takes place every time a record of the disposal of the object and storing digital playback and processed, for example, is a work of art in a museum that can make it more difficult. However, cryptocurrencies have been stolen many times before. So this means that NFTs can also be stolen. However, this situation varies depending on how the NFTs are stored.

If you want to know more about the reliability of NFTs, it may be useful for you to check out the article available at the link here.

Where Are the NFTs Stored?

Just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are stored in digital wallets. But at this point it is worth noting that the digital wallet must be NFT-compatible. However, it is very important that the digital wallet is also stored in a secure storage unit.

Which Cryptocurrency Is Used for NFT Trading?

And large part of the existing NFT Sunday places accept Ethereum in their trading business. But although this situation is largely up to the initiative of Sunday places, technically users who sell NFTs are free to ask for their preferred cryptocurrency for their work.

Are There Any TV Programs Related to NFT?

Musician Steve Aoki is working on a television show based on a character in an NFT drop called ”Dominion X”. On the website of the program in question, it is stated that this will be a series launched on the blockchain. In fact, the first short promotional video for this television program is also located at the popular NFT Sunday place OpenSea, and at the same time, hundreds of NFTs associated with the television program have been put up for sale here.

In addition, there is also an animated series called Stoner Cats, which uses Nfs as a kind of ticket system. This animated series is about “cats that go crazy”, and such notable actors as Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock and Jane Fonda star in this series. But, of course, it is necessary to have a Stoner Cat NFT to watch this animated series.


AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 – How Does the New Threadripper 5000 Pro Series Perform? Review, Price & Specifications

AMD had released the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 series in early March after delays. There are no developments regarding the regular Threadripper series yet, but at the moment the Pro series has begun to take its place on the market.

Puget Systems, recently testing AMD’s new Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX processors in several professional applications, it concluded that performance is significantly better on most workloads compared to the older Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series. Several Intel chips were also tested, including the Xeon W 3000 series and the i9-12900K. Threadripper 5000 has managed to completely excel in multi-core heavy workloads.

AMD’s new 5000 WX Series models come with higher clock speeds of up to 4.5 GHz, Zen 3 microarchitecture, eight channels of DDR4 memory and 128 PCIe 4.0 lanes. The chips developed for workstations range from 12 cores to the 64-core 128-thread Threadripper Pro 5995WX model.

The new Threadripper series brings a slightly modified EPYC Milan design to workstations and serves as a refresh for the Zen 2-powered Threadripper Pro 3000 series, which has dominated the workstation segment since mid-2020. In fact, AMD claims to have captured 60% of the North American workstation Sunday (IDC). The new chips carry all of the same Pro features as their predecessors, such as AMD’s Pro Security, Manageability, and Ready-to-Work packages (18 months of software stability, 2 years of chip availability), an area where Intel’s competing chips are lacking.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 WX Performance

The tests cover the 64-core 5995WX, 32-core 5975WX, 24-core 5965WX, 64-core 3995WX, 32-core 3975WX and 16-core 3955WX models. As for the Intel signed chips, the Xeon W-series (W-3365, W-3345, W-3335) and the Core i9-12900K were used to test single-core heavy workloads.

The Threadriper 5995WX, 5975WX and 5965WX CPUs all had an obvious superiority over their Zen 2 counterparts in Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as Intel’s W-3345 and W-3335 processors. The Core i9-12900K, which received the highest result, outperformed the Zen 3 chips by only a few points. This shows us that Premiere Pro is predominantly a single-threaded application. But AMD’s Zen 3 chips are powerful enough to keep up with Intel’s Alder Lake family.

The Threadripper Pro 5000 series easily surpasses all Intel processors and the previous generation AMD’s Threadripper 3000 series in Adobe After Effects tests. Davinci Resolve has a similar behavior as After Effects, and all the chips are much closer to each other in performance. AMD’s Threadripper 5000 chips were again ahead in the tests.

Intel’s Core i9-12900K outperforms all CPUs, including Threadripper 5000 in Adobe Photoshop jobs. AMD’s Zen 3 chips, on the other hand, are in second place, surpassing the Xeon W series and AMD’s Zen 2 predecessors. As you can see from the scores, Photoshop is literally a software that focuses on a single core. That’s why Intel’s superior IPC at Alder Lake outperformed AMD’s Zen 3 chips.

The results of Adobe Lightroom Classic are a little strange. the 24-core 5965WX and the 32-core 5975WX are at the top of the tests. But the 64-core flagship 5995WX performs worse than the 32-core 3975WX of the previous generation and the Core i9-12900K of the previous generation. Probably, Lightroom’s kernel management has some problems that do not affect low-end processors.

Unreal Engine and Blender tests are also available. In general, the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 offers a performance increase of 15% compared to the previous generation. If we make a comparison with Intel, then the 32-core W-3365 lags behind even AMD’s 24-core 5965WX processor. All the conclusions and details Puget Systemsyou can find it on the web page of .


Huawei MateBook D16 – Review, Price & Specifications

We take a closer look at Huawei MateBook D16, the new model of the MateBook D series, one of Huawei’s most popular product families.

Huawei’s Matebook series is quite popular in all over the world. Taking advantage of its rich history and knowledge of all aspects of technology development, from R&D to actual production of products, Huawei introduced its first MateBook laptop in 2016, and soon three more series were born: MateBook D, MateBook E, and MateBook X. Huawei is now here with the Huawei MateBook D16. Let’s take a closer look at this laptop, which comes with significant innovations both on the screen, camera and keyboard side.

HUAWEI MateBook D16 Design Specifications

The HUAWEI MateBook D16 continues the slim-frame design of the MateBook D Series. This provides a larger workspace on the screen, allowing users to more easily view tables, data, and documents with a larger and longer screen area. The screen November ratio is 90%, and the good thing is that the ratio between the main case and the other area also provides an advantage. Huawei has managed to place a large 16-inch screen in a case that can normally accommodate a 15.6-inch screen. This allows the body to remain small while expanding the visible area of the screen.

The case is aluminum. The fact that metal material is used is one of the important Dec aspects for those who want to buy the device. In addition, the full size of the keyboard of this computer and the fact that it offers a large work area make the MateBook D16 an invaluable caftan for office workers.

It weighs about 1.7kg, which makes the MateBookD 16 lighter than most other 16-inch laptops, similar to the weight of some mainstream 15.6-inch laptops. And this, of course, is a huge advantage in terms of ergonomics.

The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio and a high resolution. Huawei FullView displays have always been important parts of MateBooks with the large image area they provide. As we have already mentioned, the MateBook D16 has a 90% screen-to-body ratio. In addition, this screen covers 100 percent of the sRGB color space, providing a vivid color experience.

For long-term work, our eyes should not get tired. At this point, the UV Rheinland Low Blue Light and DC Dimming, Flicker Free certificates that we see on most Huawei Matebooks come across.

Huawei MateBook D16 Hardware Specifications

This new model of the Huawei MateBook D16 uses 12-generation Intel processors and Intel’s revamped graphics chip Iris Xe. On the other hand, thanks to Huawei PC Manager on the software side, you can have full control over your device. You can easily access your other Huawei devices here and take advantage of the Cloud service.
12, which is notable for its TDP of up to 40W. Thanks to the next-generation Intel Core i7-12700H Processor, the MateBookD 16 can deliver powerful performance when multitasking or processing large files, and while delivering this performance, it also efficiently manages battery life.
The hardware is more than enough for your daily work and medium-sized work. The MateBook D16, which supports Huawei’s super device and ecosystem features such as Huawei Share, shows its other strengths on camera.

With a 1080P AI Camera, the Huawei MateBook D16 is able to offer high-quality video conferencing, which is a very important feature for today’s work computers. A quality video camera is Dec must-have for both freelancers and people who have moved to remote work. The new 1080p AI camera combined with Huawei Smart Conferencing features, you can easily make your video meeting anytime and anywhere.

In addition, because this camera has the ability to center your image, you don’t have to constantly adjust our location during meetings. In this way, you won’t have to correct your frame because the camera will always focus on you in some meetings where the movement can be intense.

Another feature that we will talk about is the ecosystem. If you are using a Huawei tablet or smartphone and are actively using Huawei Cloud, you can take advantage of different pairing options. For Dec, after your MateBook is connected wirelessly to your tablet or smartphone, you can transfer files between devices at any time with automatic file request.

In addition, by moving the Mobile Cloud to the MateBook, you can easily control the files of your smartphone via a computer. You don’t even have to open your phone to screen sharing at that moment. All you have to do is access the folders of your phone or tablet through Windows Explorer.

In addition, One Hope, which we have already mentioned many times before for file sharing, is fully compatible with the MateBook D16 Drag-and-Drop and Huawei Share systems. Whichever of these Dec your smartphone supports, you can use them to create a data line between the phone and the computer.

Huawei MateBook D16 Price

The Huawei MateBook D16 price starts at £750 for the base model with 12th Gen Intel Core i5 – start at £999.99 for the model with i7. 

Huawei Offical Website:


What is SSD (Solid-State Drive)? – What are the advantages of SSD

SSD are used as the main permanent storage on a computer. An SSD performs the same basic function as a hard drive, but all information is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that protect data even when there is no power flow.

Hard drives have served us for many years and still find their place in the system of most of us. With the decrease in costs, the number of users who use only SSDs and shelve HDDs continues to increase every day. Solid-state drives have changed many things and brought us countless benefits since they entered our lives.

If you have purchased a new portable laptop in the last few years, you are most likely using an SSD as the primary boot drive. On the other hand, if you have recently assembled a desktop system, you must have purchased at least one SSD.

You may still be having a hard time choosing between HDD or SSD Dec Now let’s briefly touch Dec the differences between SSDs and HDDs. Especially here we will focus more on the benefits of SSDs.


Traditional hard drives are used as the main permanent storage on a computer. That is, unlike the data stored in RAM, the data does not fly away when you turn off the system. HDDs, as you know, have a metal plate with a magnetic coating that stores your data. The read/write head, on the other hand, is used to access data when the plates are rotating. So we are talking about a purely mechanical system.

Internal structure of HDD and SSD

An SSD performs the same basic function as a hard drive, but all information is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that protect data even when there is no power flow. These flash chips (often called “NAND”) are a different type from the type used in USB flash drives and are usually faster and more reliable. As a result, SSDs are more expensive than USB flash drives of the same capacity.

SSDs are usually much smaller than HDDs, and therefore provide a lot of flexibility when building a system. We are able to use them on traditional 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drive bays (SATA). On the other hand, “ is possible to install drivers known as “2” into a PCI Express expansion slot on the motherboard. Thanks to this, the cable clutter is also reduced.

Advantages of SSDs

Now let’s quickly talk about the advantages offered by SSDs.


As we mentioned above, traditional hard drives contain moving parts. Hard disk failures are usually caused by them and lead to the formation of heat, which is another important factor. Since SSDs do not have moving parts, they are more reliable and more resistant to impact than conventional hard drives. Most hard drives put their read/write heads on hold when the system is turned off, but when they are running, they move over the drive plate by a few nanometers.

As a result, we can safely say that solid-state drives are more resistant to falls, accidents, wear and tear because they do not have small, vulnerable parts. If you drop your laptop and the SSD is installed, your screen will probably break before the SSD. If you are not careful about handling in general terms, you should definitely choose an SSD.

Much Faster

This is exactly where SSDs shine. An SSD-equipped computer turns on in much less than a minute, usually in just seconds. With HDDs, these times are many times higher. On the other hand, your hard drive will still be slower than the SSD in every scenario where you use the system.

A PC or Mac with an SSD opens faster, launches applications faster, runs them, and can transfer files faster. Whether you are using your computer for entertainment, school or work, you will feel the difference of SSD in any situation.

M.2 SSDs

Magnetic disks have one significant drawback. Due to the rotating recording surfaces, hard drives work better with larger files arranged in adjacent blocks. The driver can start and end his head reading with a single continuous movement. When hard drives begin to fill up, large chunks of files are scattered around the disk plate, and the data begins to fall apart. Although read/write algorithms minimize this negative effect, by their nature, reading files on hard drives proceeds with a slower process. On SSDs, data can be stored anywhere on the drive and is easier to access. Naturally, solid-state drives work much faster.


SSDs are lighter and smaller than hard drives, so they are much easier to carry. In addition, with its sturdy structure, it is more resistant to fall and impact, so you can easily carry it with you.

Since hard drives are based on rotating plates, there is a certain limit at which the product can shrink. Many years ago there were attempts to develop smaller 1.8-inch hard drives, but these drives stuck at 320 GB. Smartphone manufacturers, on the other hand, use only flash memory for their primary storage.

A WD HDD with a capacity of 12 TB

SSDs have no such limitations, so they can continue to get smaller as time goes on. SATA SSDs are available in 2.5-inch sizes. On the other hand, M.products that use the 2 connection (there are NVMe and SATA variants) continue to replace SATA-connected SSDs. As you know, these drives come in lengths such as 42 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm and 120 mm.


Solid-state drives powered by NAND flash chips have no working moving parts and, as a result, need less power. And this means quiet operation and better battery life.

None of the energy consumed by the SSD is wasted as friction or noise, which makes them more efficient. In other words, desktops or servers contribute positively to the electricity bill no matter what. You can work longer if it is on a laptop or tablet.

Easy Installation

We are able to mount SSDs with ease with a screwdriver. Also M.installing products that come in 2 form factors is a little more effortless.

SSD Form Factors

Solid-state drives are defined by three form factors. These include: the size of the drive, the type of connection interface, and the physical space that the drive will occupy on the computer.

2.5 inch SATA SSD

The standard form factor for an SSD is 2.5 inches, which fits into the drive bay of most laptops or desktops. Since many users have replaced their hard drives with solid-state drives, the 2.5-inch drive has become the standard for all HDDs and SSDs. It was designed to make the transition to a higher-performance drive as easy as possible, minimizing the need to change the connection interface cables.


mSATA SSDs are small in size, which is low compared to SATA. The mSATA is one-eighth the size of a 2.5-inch drive and can be plugged into the mSATA socket on the motherboard. mSATA drives are used as secondary drives in ultra-thin and mini-devices or desktop computers.

Size comparison of SSD types

M.2 SSDs

It is the smallest form factor for SSDs. is also possible to use it in PCIe slots thanks to some adapters when connecting to the motherboard via the 2 interface. M.2 You can see SSDs in all areas, but they are perfect for small tablets and laptops.


As a result, SSDs have numerous advantages. Solid-state drives provide faster loading times for games, applications, and movies. However, when used for business purposes, it can shorten working hours a lot and make your work easier.

In fact, there is only one minus side: prices. Although SSD prices continue to get cheaper every day, they are still behind HDDs in terms of price/capacity ratio. But let’s end our words by saying that at least one SSD should be present on every computer at the moment, regardless of what happens.


Usb-C (Type-C) Will Become Standard in the European Union

Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras have now become an integral part of daily life. The difference in the charging cable of these electronic devices, where each brand offers consumers a choice with dozens of different models, has been the biggest inconvenience for consumers for a long time. The European Union (EU) has now produced a solution to this chaos.

The European Union, which has reached an agreement with the MANUFACTURER and supplier representatives, sets a standard for charging small and medium-sized electronic devices as of 2024. According to the agreement, a USB-C type charging cable will be used in such devices. The application is expected to come into effect from the summer or autumn of 2024. The obligation to charge with a standard cable will apply to vehicles manufactured after this date. The standard cable requirement will apply to mobile phones and tablets, as well as headsets, speakers, e-book readers, mice, navigation tools, smart watches and computer game joysticks. Laptops will also be required to be charged with USB-C, but the transition period will be long for them.
The EU Commission plans to save money for consumers with this application. After this arrangement, the consumer will not have to buy a new charging cable every time he buys a new electronic device. The EU has announced that this will save 250 million euros per year. In addition, approximately 11 thousand tons of electronic waste will be saved annually.