Best Cheap Electric Cars for 2022

Sales of electric cars continue to increase in the UK and around the world. The government has announced that from 2030, the sale of diesel and gasoline powered cars will be prohibited. This statement is an indication that the evolution of fuel used in automobiles is directed towards electricity. Electric vehicles are getting better day by day, and with it, their prices are becoming more affordable. The range that vehicles can travel continues to increase because battery technologies are also improving.

Electric cars are also free of some taxes. Because these vehicles do not produce CO2 emissions while they are running. The subsidies that the government currently maintains are an incentive for you to buy an electric car. Hurry, because these incentives will expire one day. Then take a look at our compiled list of the best cheap electric cars. Also, you can find our best cheap cars article here.

Hyundai Kona Electric

This model, which was released in 2018, appears in its more advanced form every year. Travel range to full charge is 280 miles. Like all other Hyundai’s, it is offered for sale with a solid 5-year warranty. Starting at £34,000, it’s not the cheapest electric car, but it’s one of the best. Its range is longer than most cars, and the driving pleasure is fine.

Now almost every brand is adding an electric car option to its product range. Increasing competition in this sector benefits the consumer because electric car prices are falling. The number of electric cars sold under £30,000 has increased in recent years. If you say that you can drive without the most modern technologies and the highest comfort, it is not difficult to have a new electric car at an affordable price. Electric cars will definitely be the best option in the long run, as they are both not subject to road tax and can be fully charged for just a few pounds.

Peugeot e-208

With a maximum range of 225 miles, this car has 100kW fast charging. You can go 100 miles in just 20 minutes of charging. The 208’s appearance is quite sporty. Although the acceleration of the car takes a little longer, it can reach high speeds on highways. The interior of the vehicle is very well equipped and equipped with new technologies. We think you can’t say no to a Peugeot e-208 in a stunning, shiny metallic colour.

Electric cars, which came to the UK market in 2010, have made great progress since then. The price of the Citroen Ami, which arrived this year, is under £10,000, which means that the prices of electric cars are now very close to the prices of traditional fossil fuel cars. Now you will not ignore electric cars when you want to buy a car. We continue to list the best cheap EV’s for you with the MG ZS EV.


This SUV model, which you will get a lot of value for your money, is completely electric. The 2022 model has been facelifted and the new lines added to the car make it look stronger. This car, which is offered for sale with prices starting from £26,500, can reach a top speed of 87mph. The battery size has been increased from 44kWh to 72.6kWh. So now its range is 273 miles instead of 163 miles. That’s a great range for an electric car. You have a trunk volume of 1100 liters when you fold the rear seats and 470 liters when you do not fold them. This powerful SUV will be your best friend on long trips with your family.

In this guide you will find only the most affordable and best electric cars currently on sale. When calculating the long-term cost of an electric car, you should also consider the cheapest electric cars to insure. Because besides the selling price of a car, fuel cost, insurance price, spare part costs and maintenance costs are also important.

Honda E

Honda e is an electric car model that many people are looking forward to. With a retro style, this car will no doubt attract all eyes in the city. It is a pleasure to drive this vehicle, which has very good road holding. Its range of 137 miles is not enough for long trips, but it is quite enough for city trips. The interior of this car is like an airplane cockpit. The car has a dashboard full of digital displays that cover everything from the rearview mirror to the audio system, from fun apps to navigation. The interior of the car truly offers you the most advanced technologies. For this reason alone, you may be tempted to come to Honda when you are considering buying another car. Starting at £28,500, one of the electric car models you should definitely check out is the Honda e.

EVs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new car buyers. We would like to propose the perfect e-SUV for those on a slightly higher budget.

Kia E-Niro

The e-Niro is available for sale starting at £37,000. It has a wonderful appearance in every detail. It offers very good space for the rear seat occupants as well as a very large trunk volume. When fully charged, it can go 250 miles. It comes with Intelligent Cruise Control, Apple Carplay, Lane Keeping Assist and dozens of other useful features. The seats are incredibly comfortable for both the driver and passengers. Thus, the time spent on the road turns into pleasant moments instead of torture.

Lithium-ion battery cells have a high cost, but this cost is being reduced with new technologies. As prices become more competitive, it’s likely that no one will drive fossil fuel cars anymore. If you intend to finance your car using Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), you can spread the cost of your electric car over 4 years. During this period, you will not be subject to road tax, you will benefit from cheap insurance and you will have one-tenth the fuel cost of a petrol car.

Citroen E-C4 Electric Car

The new C4 is designed in coupe SUV style and looks really cool. When you look from the side, it is not much different from the Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe or BMW X6. The best model with an affordable price for grand coupe lovers is the Citroen C4. Being a 100% electric model, the e-C4 has a range of 217 miles. Using 100kW charging, it can be charged to 50% in half an hour. This car is also a mid-range choice for those caught between crossover and hatchback options. This car with its original design is also suitable for families. It is easy to drive, very comfortable and equipped with new technologies.

Best Cheap Electric Cars in The UK

The best cheap electric car in the UK depends entirely on your preferences and priorities. In this list, we have presented 6 different electric cars suitable for different preferences. Long range, good interior and new technologies are qualities to look for in an electric car. Electric car development costs will continue to get cheaper, so you should definitely consider owning a state-of-the-art electric car in the future.

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