Best Cheap Electric Cars for 2022

Sales of electric cars continue to increase in the UK and around the world. The government has announced that from 2030, the sale of diesel and gasoline powered cars will be prohibited. This statement is an indication that the evolution of fuel used in automobiles is directed towards electricity. Electric vehicles are getting better day by day, and with it, their prices are becoming more affordable. The range that vehicles can travel continues to increase because battery technologies are also improving.

Electric cars are also free of some taxes. Because these vehicles do not produce CO2 emissions while they are running. The subsidies that the government currently maintains are an incentive for you to buy an electric car. Hurry, because these incentives will expire one day. Then take a look at our compiled list of the best cheap electric cars. Also, you can find our best cheap cars article here.

Hyundai Kona Electric

This model, which was released in 2018, appears in its more advanced form every year. Travel range to full charge is 280 miles. Like all other Hyundai’s, it is offered for sale with a solid 5-year warranty. Starting at £34,000, it’s not the cheapest electric car, but it’s one of the best. Its range is longer than most cars, and the driving pleasure is fine.

Now almost every brand is adding an electric car option to its product range. Increasing competition in this sector benefits the consumer because electric car prices are falling. The number of electric cars sold under £30,000 has increased in recent years. If you say that you can drive without the most modern technologies and the highest comfort, it is not difficult to have a new electric car at an affordable price. Electric cars will definitely be the best option in the long run, as they are both not subject to road tax and can be fully charged for just a few pounds.

Peugeot e-208

With a maximum range of 225 miles, this car has 100kW fast charging. You can go 100 miles in just 20 minutes of charging. The 208’s appearance is quite sporty. Although the acceleration of the car takes a little longer, it can reach high speeds on highways. The interior of the vehicle is very well equipped and equipped with new technologies. We think you can’t say no to a Peugeot e-208 in a stunning, shiny metallic colour.

Electric cars, which came to the UK market in 2010, have made great progress since then. The price of the Citroen Ami, which arrived this year, is under £10,000, which means that the prices of electric cars are now very close to the prices of traditional fossil fuel cars. Now you will not ignore electric cars when you want to buy a car. We continue to list the best cheap EV’s for you with the MG ZS EV.


This SUV model, which you will get a lot of value for your money, is completely electric. The 2022 model has been facelifted and the new lines added to the car make it look stronger. This car, which is offered for sale with prices starting from £26,500, can reach a top speed of 87mph. The battery size has been increased from 44kWh to 72.6kWh. So now its range is 273 miles instead of 163 miles. That’s a great range for an electric car. You have a trunk volume of 1100 liters when you fold the rear seats and 470 liters when you do not fold them. This powerful SUV will be your best friend on long trips with your family.

In this guide you will find only the most affordable and best electric cars currently on sale. When calculating the long-term cost of an electric car, you should also consider the cheapest electric cars to insure. Because besides the selling price of a car, fuel cost, insurance price, spare part costs and maintenance costs are also important.

Honda E

Honda e is an electric car model that many people are looking forward to. With a retro style, this car will no doubt attract all eyes in the city. It is a pleasure to drive this vehicle, which has very good road holding. Its range of 137 miles is not enough for long trips, but it is quite enough for city trips. The interior of this car is like an airplane cockpit. The car has a dashboard full of digital displays that cover everything from the rearview mirror to the audio system, from fun apps to navigation. The interior of the car truly offers you the most advanced technologies. For this reason alone, you may be tempted to come to Honda when you are considering buying another car. Starting at £28,500, one of the electric car models you should definitely check out is the Honda e.

EVs are becoming an increasingly popular choice for new car buyers. We would like to propose the perfect e-SUV for those on a slightly higher budget.

Kia E-Niro

The e-Niro is available for sale starting at £37,000. It has a wonderful appearance in every detail. It offers very good space for the rear seat occupants as well as a very large trunk volume. When fully charged, it can go 250 miles. It comes with Intelligent Cruise Control, Apple Carplay, Lane Keeping Assist and dozens of other useful features. The seats are incredibly comfortable for both the driver and passengers. Thus, the time spent on the road turns into pleasant moments instead of torture.

Lithium-ion battery cells have a high cost, but this cost is being reduced with new technologies. As prices become more competitive, it’s likely that no one will drive fossil fuel cars anymore. If you intend to finance your car using Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), you can spread the cost of your electric car over 4 years. During this period, you will not be subject to road tax, you will benefit from cheap insurance and you will have one-tenth the fuel cost of a petrol car.

Citroen E-C4 Electric Car

The new C4 is designed in coupe SUV style and looks really cool. When you look from the side, it is not much different from the Mercedes Benz GLE Coupe or BMW X6. The best model with an affordable price for grand coupe lovers is the Citroen C4. Being a 100% electric model, the e-C4 has a range of 217 miles. Using 100kW charging, it can be charged to 50% in half an hour. This car is also a mid-range choice for those caught between crossover and hatchback options. This car with its original design is also suitable for families. It is easy to drive, very comfortable and equipped with new technologies.

Best Cheap Electric Cars in The UK

The best cheap electric car in the UK depends entirely on your preferences and priorities. In this list, we have presented 6 different electric cars suitable for different preferences. Long range, good interior and new technologies are qualities to look for in an electric car. Electric car development costs will continue to get cheaper, so you should definitely consider owning a state-of-the-art electric car in the future.


HP ENVY Printer: Review, Price, Manual and Setup Details

If you’re in the market for an All-in-One printer, you’re probably wondering if the HP ENVY is the right option for your needs. In this HP ENVY Printer Review, we’ll look at its wireless capabilities, print quality, and cost per page. It also offers many features that make it appealing to people of all types and needs. The HP ENVY is the first All-in-One printer with Wi-Fi connectivity. This printer price around £100-£150.

You can download the printer drivers from here:
Type the printer model in the search box and download it.

You can download the printer’s user guide here:
Download User Manual on

You can download the Android and Ios applications of the HP ENVY Printer from here:
1- Download Android APP
2- Download IOS APP
3- Download Mac Software
4- Download Microsoft Windows Store

All-in-one printer

We’ve reviewed the “Best Cheap Printers” in the past and today we take a look at one of the most popular models, the HP ENVY printer. The HP Envy 6055 is one such model, and its 2.2-inch colored touchscreen and two-sided printing make it a perfect addition to the home office or small business. We also reviewed the HP Envy Pro 6420, which prints in colour and has a 35-page ADF and mobile fax capability. And while the process of duplexing may seem time consuming, it actually saves trees.

Despite being a multifunctional printer, the HP Envy 5055 is quite easy to use. It only requires the use of compatible ink cartridges and is covered by a one-year warranty. The Envy 5055 also doesn’t require much space and can be installed and set up in as little as five minutes. This printer is light and compact, making it ideal for offices with limited workspaces.

HP ENVY Printer Features

In addition to a generous 200-page capacity, the HP Envy 6020e also includes a subscription to HP Instant Ink. This service will automatically order replacement print cartridges whenever your existing ones run out. As long as you pay a monthly subscription, HP Envy 7855 printers do not require you to replace them every few months. Nevertheless, a subscription to HP Instant Ink will save you time and money.

As a general rule, HP Envy printers print high-quality photos. They also produce crisp, clear text. But some people have expressed concerns about the printer’s quality and print price. While this is an excellent model for home use, it is also worth considering if you’ll need a more expensive, high-quality printer for business use. You’ll save a lot of money by using an HP Envy Photo 7155.

A budget-priced printer for home use, the HP Envy 6055 offers decent photo quality and color accuracy. However, it has very low page yield, meaning you’ll need to replace the ink cartridges frequently. It also lacks a sheetfed scanner, but its flatbed scanner is high-resolution. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated model, you may want to consider a higher-end HP ENVY All-in-one printer.

HP ENVY Printer WiFi compatibility

When you buy an HP printer, you may be concerned about WiFi compatibility. While most printers support Wi-Fi Direct, a few of them don’t. If you’re unsure about which HP printer supports WiFi, consult the printer’s manual. The name of this option will start with “Direct-” and then the model of your printer. To use the printer via WiFi, you can either install the printer’s software on your computer or your mobile device, or print a document using the app.

Before connecting to the Internet, check the WiFi compatibility of your HP ENVY Printer. The HP ENVY Printer supports WiFi for free. You can connect your printer to a WiFi network by following the instructions provided in the manual. You can also print the Network Configuration Page from the printer’s control panel. The network configuration page shows nearby networks and the channel each uses. If your printer does not support WiFi, you can download the InOS driver from HP’s website.

The printer should be connected to a WiFi network via the router that is connected to the Internet. Depending on the type of printer and your wireless network, you can configure the printer to use your network. Once you’re connected, the printer should be automatically connected to your wireless network. To connect your printer manually, you can connect to the printer through the USB port. The HP wireless router should be connected to the internet.

To use the printer over WiFi, you must have an Internet connection to your computer. It is important to keep in mind that it is important to have the printer connected to the same network as your computer. Unprotected computers and networks are easy targets for hackers and other unseen users. To avoid exposing your private information to unseen individuals, install security software. For additional security, HP recommends installing a firewall to prevent unauthorized access.

Using the HP Smart app is another convenient way to set up your printer over a wireless network. This free app can be downloaded from the official website and installed on your mobile device. This app lets you configure your printer using WiFi and send wireless settings to your HP printer. However, this feature is only compatible with HP printers and may not be available on every network. During installation, you may have to check a box to connect to WiFi.

Cost per page

Historically, entry-level photo inkjet AIOs have expensive cost-per-page models. HP’s Envy line of consumer-grade printers offers cheaper options. The HP Envy 5055, for instance, prints monochrome pages for just 10.3 cents and color pages for about 22.3 cents. The HP Envy 5055 also uses conventional ink cartridge purchasing.

In general, you’ll need to purchase four or five cartridges for an HP ENVY printer. The cost per page is calculated by adding up the cost of printing each page, which can add up to quite a bit. The cost per page is also affected by the size and type of documents. A single ink cartridge may yield 1,000 pages while a multi-colored ink cartridge can yield up to three thousand pages.

Epson’s TS8320 is the lowest-cost model by far. A high-yield HP XP-7100 costs just 6.9 cents per page. However, it is important to remember that the cost of colour printouts varies depending on the cartridges. Inkjet all-in-ones tend to have the highest cost per page, but the cost of replacing individual cartridges is minimal.

Despite HP’s Envy’s low cost per page, its quality of printing text and graphics isn’t good. Even if it produces great-looking photos, text and graphics look poor, and this detracts from the impact of a graph. The HP Envy is a great choice for the home office or small business. The printer also has a six-month free ink guarantee when you sign up for HP+.

The HP Envy 5030 has a great photo quality. It uses two cartridges and is suitable for general home printing. It isn’t the fastest printer, however, and takes over four minutes to print a page. That’s slow, but by home photo printing standards, this isn’t bad. When you’re printing photos, you’ll be happy you can save money on ink and paper.

The HP Envy 5055 All-in-One Printer is easy to use and has a Wi-Fi interface. It is compatible with either a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network. HP has also included Wireless Direct, HP’s version of the popular peer-to-peer network protocol Wi-Fi Direct, which allows you to connect to the printer from mobile devices and no local area network. There is a free, paid version of HP Envy 5055, but you should expect to pay close to $140 for a basic version.

HP ENVY Printer Print quality

If you’re experiencing issues with the print quality of your HP ENVY printer, it may be due to a dirty cartridge. The best way to fix this problem is to use genuine HP ink cartridges. If you’re using refilled or non-HP supplies, HP cannot guarantee the quality. You should check out the anti-counterfeit webpage to determine whether your printer is counterfeit or refurbished. If you’re having print quality problems after installing new ink cartridges, you can also wait 30 minutes to complete the automatic servicing routine. If you’re experiencing print quality issues, check whether the paper you’re using is clean and if you need to replace the cartridge.

When you’re printing a large colour picture, HP Envy 6055e’s paper tray has a limited capacity. It’s possible to print a high-quality photo, but only with legal-sized paper. It takes 44 seconds to 1 minute and 10 seconds to print a single A4 page, depending on how detailed the image is. Unfortunately, glossy photo paper can sometimes get stuck at the back of the printer and cannot be pulled through the rollers, leaving grey smudge marks on the paper.

The HP Envy Photo 7155 is included in the Consumer Reports testing program. This printer uses 50% less paper than other Envy models and has a toner refill program. This model is ideal for photographers as it uses 50% less paper than other Envy models. It also has a larger screen for cruise printing control. There are a few other features of this printer to consider. If you need a cheap, reliable printer for everyday use, this model might be the best option for you.

If you only need to print occasional documents and images, the HP Deskjet 4520 is an excellent option. Its WiFi capability will allow you to easily connect to it from a PC or mobile phone, and even scan to the cloud. The printer also has several features that can help make your job easier. With WiFi connectivity, you can print from almost anywhere. The HP Envy 6055e is also capable of printing from various devices, including smartphones. You can even order ink for the printer using a smartphone app.

Hp Offical Web Site:


Peugeot 208 and E-208 2022: Review, Price and Photos

If you are looking for the Peugeot 208 or e-208 2022, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for more information on the features and specs of this compact car. We also cover price and availability. Whether you’re looking for a small car for commuting or a sporty ride for cruising around town, the Peugeot 208 is one option that won’t disappoint.

Peugeot 208

The Peugeot 208 has many advanced features. The 2022 version includes adaptive cruise control, lane detection assistance, road sign recognition and blind tracking. It even has a new attention system for drivers above 40 mph. All of these features make the 208 a more desirable vehicle than ever. Listed below are some of the features that you should look for in the 208. Moreover, this car is a practical choice for anyone who wants to drive a small, affordable and reliable vehicle.

The Peugeot e-208 has received some upgrades, including an improved range and a new styling language. The e-208 is also now available in an electric version. As of now, prices and grants have not been updated. Peugeot says that the e-208 is not eligible for the reduced plug-in car grant. However, the company says that this will be corrected before the 2022 model year. It has also announced that the e-208 will be a fully electric model and that it will be available in Europe starting in Jan 2022.

Peugeot e-208

The Peugeot e-208 is an all-electric hatchback that is almost identical to its siblings. It sports a blue-green lion badge and a body-coloured grille. The electric car has a surprisingly spacious interior for a hatchback and could eventually be upgraded into a hot hatch. The Peugeot e-208 could be available from 2022, but it’s still too early to make any firm plans.

The Peugeot e-208 offers two drive modes: normal and sport. The car’s sport mode sharpens the throttle response, while the eco mode limits the amount of heating and air conditioning. There are two regenerative braking modes: normal and sport. The B mode reduces the use of conventional brakes. It also offers a range of adjustments, including a power-saving mode. A number of drivers have noted that the e-208 feels more planted than some other cars.

Peugeot’s light commercial vehicle range has been praised at the 2022 Company Car & Van Awards. The Expert and the e-Expert were both named Medium Van of the Year, and the e-208 claimed the Small Electric Van of the Year category. The awards will be published in February. The Peugeot e-208 is a car that you can’t afford to miss. The price is high, but it’s a smart choice for your next minivan.

Peugeot 208 Gti

The Peugeot 208 will have a new e-208 model when it hits showrooms in 2022. This version will retain the front-mounted motor and front-wheel drive layout, but it will be equipped with a more powerful electric motor. Peugeot expects the new car to deliver 168 horsepower, with a battery capacity of 50 kWh. Performance will be enhanced, but the electric driving range will be reduced from 211 miles to 118.

The Peugeot ‘e’ 208 is not marketed as a performance car, but it’s certainly one of the fastest 202s on the market. It has a 50 kWh battery, a 100 kW electric motor, and 192 lb-ft of torque. It can accelerate to 62 mph in just 8.1 seconds, and it can hit 93 mph.

The interior is made of high-quality materials and sports a two-tiered, linear design. The dashboard features a small digital dial, and the GT line model has LED claw effect front lights and a 180-degree parking camera. The GT Premium models have a contrasting black roof panel, as well as dark chrome trim. The top-of-the-range GT car is equipped with full LED headlights.

208 Price

The Peugeot 208 is a supermini rival to the Volkswagen Polo, with a price starting from £19,000. The car will also take on the likes of the Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and SEAT Ibiza, and is expected to be available for sale in the UK by the end of 2020. Its low price tag and affordable petrol engine will ensure that it is an excellent buy, and the iCockpit display will keep passengers entertained.

The exterior features of the Peugeot 208 are striking, with a low, sculpted bonnet and three-claw LED lights at its corners. The roof is a stylish, bold piece of metal, and there is also a contrasting gloss black window surround. In terms of design, the 208 is a sporty-looking hatchback, and the restyled interior is both slick and comfortable.

The Peugeot 205 was the first two-oh-something model. The 206 and 207 were not as popular as the 205, and Peugeot was finally ready to move forward with a new model number. Peugeot has argued that the 206 and 207 didn’t live up to its original appeal, and 22 million sales are evidence of this. The Peugeot 205 is even a contender for European Car of the Year 2020.

e-208 Price

The Peugeot e-208 is a new electric car from Groupe PSA, which also produces the DS 3 Crossback E-Tense and Vauxhall e-Up! The new car is a compact five-door electric car with a touch of French panache. It offers a good range and surprisingly quick charging for a car in this segment. The Peugeot e-208 price in the UK has £28,000.

For a start, the e-208’s interior and exterior design are stylish and modern. The dashboard is padded and features carbon finish. The e-208 is the first Peugeot to offer this level of luxury in an electric car. In addition to its excellent interior, it offers a great range and impressive fuel economy. Peugeot’s e-208 price will include the cost of a new, more powerful electric motor, an additional battery and a set of high-tech accessories.

Used Peugeot 208

If you are considering buying a used Peugeot 208, you are in luck. The French brand has released an all-new model for 2022 that replaces the 104, a car that has been out of production since 2011. It comes with plenty of standard features and a competitive price. Peugeot’s new car has excellent visibility and a smooth automatic gearbox. The 208 has a great balance between power and economy, which make it an excellent choice for the everyday commuter.

This supermini rivals the Audi A1, the Kia Rio, and the Ford Fiesta. Compared to those models, however, the 208 has sharper looks and is more affordable than the Fiesta and Rio. You can get a great deal of flexibility from this supermini, too, with its many optional equipment. Moreover, if you are a petrol driver, you will appreciate the 208’s excellent performance. Peugeot e-208’in İngiltere’deki ikinci el fiyatları 20.000£ civarında.

Used Peugeot 208 2022

The Peugeot 208 is available in a variety of body styles and trim levels, including the Active Premium and Allure Premium. You can also choose from a diesel or an electric engine to meet your individual needs. The Active Premium trim includes 16-inch alloy wheels, air-conditioning and Bluetooth as standard. You can also choose an Apple CarPlay-compatible touchscreen for your multimedia system. Compared to the Renault Clio, the Peugeot 208 is about PS3,000 more expensive.

While the 208 isn’t the most practical car on the market, it’s an appealing supermini, and its interior makes rivals look outdated. The steering doesn’t live up to the rest of the car, though, and the price tag is high. Still, the Peugeot 208 rides well, and is a great choice for city driving. The electric version is also available, though you’ll likely have to pay more in the long run.

Peugeot 208 Review

The Peugeot 208 has been a very popular car in Europe, with a total of 22 million sales worldwide. In this review, we’ll explore the Peugeot 208’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential. It’s not perfect, but it is a very desirable car. It has bold styling, a wacky cabin, and an electric version. All of these qualities help make the 208 a very likeable car.

The Peugeot 208 was a very appealing supermini when it first launched, and the latest version is even more desirable. It has a stunning interior that rivals look decades out of date, but its steering is not up to scratch. Still, Peugeot may find a way to fix the steering problems quickly. It also has a high list price, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for this model.

The interior of the e-208 EV is essentially identical to that of the ICE model, with the only difference being the steering wheel. The Peugeot i-Cockpit philosophy has a lowered steering wheel that forces drivers to look over the instrument cluster, which can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it. That said, once you get used to it, the Peugeot e-208 has an extremely comfortable seat.


Citroen C5 Aircross 2022: Facelift & New Photos

Our review of the Citroen C5 Aircross 2022 takes a look at the car’s ride quality, interior design, engine options and safety features. You can decide whether this car is right for you by reading on. The following headings highlight the key points to consider when buy considering this car. Whether you are shopping for a new or used car, our review will give you an objective perspective on the vehicle. Hopefully you’ll find the information useful.

Citroen C5 Aircross Ride Quality

The Citroen C5 Aircross has up to ten incredible features. These include six airbags, a steering wheel with a multi-function control, and an onboard computer to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. The seats are very comfortable, with good foaming and bolstering. The head and leg room is ample, and the front centre console provides adequate storage space.

The suspension is a strong point of the Citroen C5 Aircross. It boasts a MacPherson strut design with double and single progressive hydraulic cushions. It also features a twist beam axle with 18-inch rims. The ride quality is outstanding, and the car feels incredibly supple on long road trips. If you’re a driver who prefer comfort and performance, you may want to choose for a this car.

The ride quality of the Citroen C5 Aircross is outstanding. Compared to the other vehicles in its segment, it offers a comfortable ride. The car’s rear-seat reclining feature allows the driver to adjust the back seat. The steering is balanced and comfortable, and the car boasts a segment-leading 18.6 kmpl mileage. The Citroen C5 Aircross is an excellent choice for long trips.

The interiors of the Citroen C5 Aircross are comfortable. The seats are upholstered in grey grained leather with a light grey band. The front seats have wide, supportive cushions. The seats also come with lumbar support. The seats are electrically adjustable, but the co-passenger seat has to be manually adjusted. While the cabin interior is pleasing overall, the seats aren’t perfect.

Citroen C5 Aircross Interior Design

The new Citroen C5 Aircross has an impressive interior design and comes with a range of new features. The central console is designed to provide easy access to controls for the driver, such as the electric parking brake, a rotary knob for grip controls, and traction-control off. Seats in the Citroen C5 Aircross are made of leather and fabric and feature a square pattern. The driver’s seat features electric adjustment, while the front passenger seat has a 6-way manual adjustment. The steering wheel features silver accents, and the front passenger seat has paddle-shifters.

The new C5 Aircross features a 10″ touchscreen that appears to float on the dashboard. This larger screen improves ergonomics and provides direct access to climate controls. It also allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road. Vents have been repositioned below the screen to improve air flow and comfort. This new feature will be standard on petrol and diesel models with navigation, and in the Feel hybrid version.

The interior design is eye-catching, with chunky seats and a futuristic design theme. Some components, like the chrome door handle and the window switches, feel cheap, but this is offset by the high centre console. The interior design of the Citroen C5 Aircross isn’t as impressive as the exterior, but it’s not a complete failure. The C5 Aircross comes with a generous range of equipment, including an ipod dock, CD player, Bluetooth, and USB ports.

Engine Options

The C5 Aircross is a mid-size SUV from Citroen that will compete with the likes of Jeep Compass, Hyundai Tucson, and the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan. Listed below are the three engine options available for the C5 Aircross. All engines will deliver the same mileage of 18.6 kmpl, but Citroen claims that their eight-speed automatic transmission can improve fuel economy by seven percent.

The most common engine options on the C5 Aircross are the 1.6 litre petrol and 2.2-litre diesel engines. Both of these engines offer a great amount of power, but there are other engine options available as well. You can choose a petrol or diesel engine to suit your driving needs and your budget. Then you can select a model from the list and compare its specs. The next step is to choose the trim level, which is either Feel or Flair+.

Alternatively, you can select a hybrid powertrain. Citroen says the C5 Aircross Plug-In Hybrid will be the company’s first hybrid car. The plug-in hybrid option should have an electric range of 60 kilometers. The C5 Aircross will be sold locally in CITROËN UK. If you’re interested in purchasing a Citroën C5 Aircross 2022, the company will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the vehicle’s


In the recent Euro NCAP safety crash test, the Citroen C5 Aircross achieved four stars, which means the car has done well in crash testing. It scored well in all categories, including frontal offset and side barrier protection, and a dummy test proved that its occupants were adequately protected. Its lateral impact protection scored 15 out of 16 points, while its frontal full width score was seven out of eight.

While not perfect in all respects, the Citroen C5 Aircross has been a solid performer in crash tests. Despite its modest price, it comes with a host of safety features, including autonomous emergency braking and frontal airbags. Lane support systems include emergency lane keeping and lane departure warning, and blind-spot monitoring. This technology allows the car to be more aware of its surroundings and avoid potential collisions.

The Euro NCAP safety test has awarded the Citroen C5 Aircross with a four-star rating, with the option of a safety pack. The car scored eighty-seven percent for adult occupant safety while only fifty-six percent for pedestrian protection. The Citroen C5 Aircross also scored well on reliability surveys. The car ranked 13th in the Telegraph’s reliability survey, with 115 problems per 100 vehicles.


The Citroen C5 Aircross is a hybrid model. It uses a suspension system that employs a combination of a coil spring and progressive hydraulic cushions to dampen tremors and give the car a smooth ride. It also includes a full complement of airbags, including six front and side airbags. In addition, the car comes with ISOFIX child seat fittings. In addition, it has driver drowsiness alerts and traffic-sign recognition. It also features blind-spot monitoring.

Despite being a higher-end model, the Citroen C5 Aircross is reliable and delivers on its promises. As an example, it offers excellent reliability, a redesigned interior, and a more modern infotainment system than some rivals. The downside is that Citroen hasn’t always been good at retaining their reputation for reliability, but the C5 Aircross has managed to maintain its position in the market thanks to the excellent performance.

The Citroen C5 Aircross is known for its reliability and ride comfort, but its price tag is still somewhat high. While it comes with a comprehensive warranty, it won’t be cheap to replace parts. Citroen offers service intervals of 20,000km or twelve months. If you’re worried about your vehicle’s reliability, consider a service plan that includes free roadside assistance.

Citroen C5 Aircross Price

The Citroen C5 Aircross price is an attractive way to get a great SUV with all the features you need at an affordable price. Its base model starts at £24,000 and goes up to £30,000 for the C-Series model. It is a great choice for anyone looking for a crossover SUV with plug-in hybrid technology. And it has a high ground clearance of 230 mm.

When it comes to engine choices, the Citroen C5 Aircross has many options. The car’s power is available in six and eight-speed automatic transmissions. Both petrol and diesel engines come with 130 horsepower. The cars feature a panoramic glass sunroof and foldaway rear seats. These features increase the boot space by 720 litres. The cars are also equipped with intelligent storage options like door pockets and a glove box.


Best Money Management Apps

Best money management apps are one of the most curious and sought after topics lately. If you are not a financial guru, then you might be wondering which is the best money management app. In this post, we have reviewed 6 of the money management applications in detail for you. Mint, YNAB, Honeydue, Expensify, Marcus Insights and Personal Capital are some of our favorites. These apps all allow you to keep track of your spending, set goals, and help you how to be more positive with your money.

Best Money Management Apps List


Mint is a money management app that allows you to track your expenses, set bill payment reminders, and monitor your credit score. It also lets you see how your investments are doing, and it automatically categorizes all your spending transactions. If you have several credit cards linked to Mint, you can set up budgets for each, and Mint will automatically categorize them and track them against your budget. This app is free to use, and it makes managing your finances easy.

In addition to being a budgeting app, Mint also lets you set goals and make adjustments to them based on your spending habits. You can also create a one-time budget or set a monthly budget. It also lets you select whether to rollover unused funds from one month to the next, which is useful if your expenses are unpredictable. However, if you don’t like setting up budgets in Mint, you can create custom budgets.

Users can connect all of their financial accounts in Mint. This allows the app to keep track of their spending, which includes alerts when they go over budget, pay ATM fees, or go over a budget. Mint also keeps track of all of your bills in one place and reminds you about payments, whether they’re on time or late. The app even offers a free credit monitoring service, so you don’t have to worry about paying your bills again.


YNAB is one of the best money management apps that allows you to create categories and earmark each dollar for a specific category. In the “Spending” category, you input a category, the amount, and the payee. Then, YNAB subtracts your spending from the available buckets. That way, you can manage your finances without spending a dime extra on pen and paper.

The interface may be a little confusing at first, but once you’ve gotten a hang of it, you’ll be able to save money and budget more efficiently. The YNAB website has helpful articles and videos to get you started. You can set up the app to automatically import your transactions, or you can manually enter each transaction. YNAB also allows you to keep track of available funds.

Another feature of YNAB is its ability to track other financial accounts. It’s not as easy to do this with other budgeting apps, but you can set up separate accounts for each of your financial accounts. You can also select which accounts you want to link with YNAB. And the best part? It’s free! There’s a free trial version to test out, so you can see if it meets your needs.

YNAB is a better money management app than many people think. It allows you to create categories and earmark funds for different expenses. It does not have an internal bill pay feature, but it does give you the option to filter your funds towards specific expenses. This makes budgeting easier and saves you from frustration later. However, you will have to invest a little more time and effort into YNAB compared to other budgeting apps.


If you are looking for a money management app for couples, Honeydue may be right for you. This app has a nice interface and allows two people to work on a joint budget. Couples can even collaborate on spending by tagging particular transactions as shared, as well as adding reactions to specific transactions. Couples can also set financial goals, as well as budget for household expenses. Honeydue also allows couples to share expenses and create joint budgets.

Once installed on an iOS or Android device, Honeydue can import transactions from bank accounts you link. You can also manually enter transactions in Honeydue. Each day, make sure to review your spending and set a budget to stay within your means. If necessary, you can split the transactions among partners. Honeydue will also show you if you’ve exceeded your monthly spending limit. You’ll be notified of any overspending or underspending.

A great feature of Honeydue is its partnership feature, which allows couples to manage their finances together. The app has three parts – individual expenses, a shared expenses section, and a calendar. Individuals and partners can collaborate on spending by setting monthly spending limits and getting alerts when they’ve exceeded them. In addition, Honeydue also helps couples coordinate their bill payments and respond to any disagreements. It also offers a blog where couples can talk about money management and discuss issues and problems they may be facing.


With its seamless integration with corporate credit cards and accounting software, Expensify is the s one of the best money management apps for your business. Using Expensify, you can automatically approve expenses that are less than $5 and reduce your administrative burden by eliminating repetitive data entry. You can also set up custom rules to automatically approve expenses when they’re under $5. The Expensify app is extremely easy to use and looks good. Its user-friendly interface lets you easily upload receipts and categorize the money you spend.

The sign-up process is easy and hassle-free. It features a concierge bot that walks you through the process. Expensify even has a free trial that allows you to try out the app. If you find it helpful, you can upgrade to a paid version. If you want a free trial of its desktop version, you can sign up for it. The app also includes a variety of helpful how-to videos to help you set up the app.

The app also supports GPS mileage tracking and allows you to type in the distance you traveled. It also tracks mileage, has a group plan and integrates with accounting software. There are many features to choose from, but these few stand out from the rest. Expensify’s integration with accounting software makes it easy to manage expenses for small businesses. This app can even import receipts directly from web pages and apps. You can even set up a group plan and get automatic expense approvals.

Marcus Insights

There are several reasons why Marcus Insights is the best money-management app. Its features include a wealth of financial data, including your account balances and recent transactions. Plus, it’s free. If you’re worried about security, Marcus Insights is not an actual bank, but it’s safe to use. The app can link to multiple accounts, so you can see your recent activity.

For the money-saving user, Marcus by Goldman Sachs offers a plethora of features, including the ability to move money into CDs, apply for loans, and add external financial accounts. Its savings account is free of any minimum balance requirements, and it has recurring transfers and deposits. Users can also schedule transfers, add and remove external financial accounts, and monitor their finances. Marcus Insights is the best money management app, according to a review by a financial expert.

The app gives its users a top-down view of their financial accounts, from savings to investments. It also provides budget forecasts. It’s part of Goldman’s push into consumer banking, and will be in direct competition with mobile consumer banks and megabanks. Users can also expect to get a personal chequing account through Marcus Insights. There are some downsides to this, but the benefits are worth it.

Personal Capital

For those who want to have access to professional financial advice without the high fees, Personal Capital is the money management app to use. Personal Capital works with your linked financial accounts to create a retirement strategy based on your needs and risk tolerance. It then helps you invest accordingly, calculates fees, and estimates your retirement benefits. It also allows you to manage all your financial accounts, from checking investment fees to tracking your savings. In the end, it can help you save for retirement and achieve your financial goals.

While Personal Capital is a free money management and investment tool, it is worth keeping in mind that there are many paid services available, such as wealth management. For those who want professional help, Personal Capital offers a wealth management service that uses human advisors and computer algorithms to help you build a portfolio tailored to your needs. Personal Capital’s fees are between those of a robo-advisor and traditional money management.

Both Personal Capital and Mint offer budgeting features. They both let you set a monthly budget. You can also create your own budget by choosing a timeframe, quantity, and whether the overpayment can be carried over. Mint also lets you view your net worth in a bird’s eye view. Mint is better for creating a budget, but it is not as comprehensive as Personal Capital. Mint’s budgeting function is more organized. The app also lets you set up reminders when you’re about to exceed your budget.

So, what do “you” think about Best Money Management Apps?

In this article, we have reviewed 6 of the best money management apps.

In the comments section, you can give an idea to those who do research on this subject by mentioning the positive and negative aspects of the applications you have used so far.

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Best Cheap Mattresses for 2022

Many hybrid, foam and spring mattresses cost upwards of £1000. It is very important that we are comfortable while lying and sleeping, that our body structure is not damaged and that we sleep on an ergonomic mattress. However, it is in our hands to reduce the cost of the mattress. You can find the best cheap mattresses in this list to protect both your spine and your wallet. There are tens of thousands of cheap mattresses on their website, we tried hundreds of them, read their comments and feedback, and reviewed the ratings given by users. As a result, we will give you many tips to prevent you from buying a poor-quality mattress and recommend good mattresses to you.

The number of coils, durability and foam density of a good mattress are important. Different mattresses can be preferred according to different weights, heights and different sleeping styles. We’ve tried each of the mattresses for you multiple times to gauge how comfortable they are, their movement insulation and edge support.

Starlight Beds – Single Mattress

Starlight Beds’ spring and memory mattress is very affordable. A single and 3ft mattress costs £69.99. There are micro coils in the inner springs of medium hardness. It is a medium firm mattress that will be preferred by those who sleep on their back, face and side. It is a mattress closer to the hard category rather than soft. It’s hard to find a good spring mattress for a cheap price, this mattress is one of the good ones to buy for cheap. It has body-conforming mini bag springs on the top and a supportive layer of bag springs on the bottom. It may not make you feel like you’re lying on a bed in a deluxe hotel suite, but it’s a very comfortable mattress for the price.

You don’t have to blow your bank account if you buy a quality mattress that fits your needs instead of mattresses that can cost several thousand pounds. Foam mattresses are less expensive than hybrid mattresses. If you are not satisfied with the mattress you purchased, you must have used it in accordance with company policies regarding sleep trials and returns to return it. In our list of the best affordable mattresses, you’ll find high-quality mattresses in every category: hybrid, foam, and spring. Our recommendation for a foam mattress is Summerby Sleep No3.

Summerby Sleep No3.

This mattress is cheap in price and easy to carry. A double mattress costs £158.89. This three-layer all-foam mattress has a dense base, a soft comfort layer and a top layer infused with cooling gel designed for air circulation. It provides much better-quality sleep compared to mattresses of similar prices. Those looking for more cushioning or heavier people should purchase the 12-inch version of this mattress.

Budget mattresses contain both high quality and do not disturb your sleep due to the price you pay. We have evaluated each mattress from many aspects in this list, which we have made to ensure your satisfaction. Now you will be able to wake up energetically at home in the morning and start the day without back and lower back pain. Keep reading our recommendations to learn about more great mattresses, this is a great starting step for choosing a good mattress.

Summerby Sleep’ No1. Coil Spring and Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is very good for stomach sleepers. A single mattress costs £91.99. It is an ideal choice especially for infrequent or short-term use. It is very suitable for use on the bed in the guest room. The foam is built on the coils. This structure makes the bed hybrid. The mattress adapts to the structure of the body and the coils support your body shape from below. When you lie in bed you have some pressure relief with the help of coils. There is a comfort layer and an additional layer of quilted memory foam on the springs.

Customers are afraid to venture into furniture stores because they think a high-quality mattress will cost thousands of pounds. Some of the affordable mattresses can also offer the same high-quality materials and good performance as the more expensive ones. The unique features, the size of the mattress, the type of the mattress, the materials of the mattress and its different characteristics all play a role in determining the price of the mattress. Furniture stores operating in physical space have higher expenses. Stores operating online are therefore able to sell products cheaper. Our guide includes tips for first-time mattress buyers, as well as overview ideas for different mattress types. You should buy a new mattress for better sleep. Because the most effective element of your entire sleep environment is definitely the mattress.

Silentnight Comfort Rolled Foam Mattress

Again, we recommend a mattress that is good for stomach sleepers. The difference is that it consists entirely of foam. The Comfort Rolled two-seater model costs £107.65. This mattress has excellent motion isolation. Significantly less expensive than comparable foam mattresses, the Silentnight mattress features high-quality materials and luxurious construction. This mattress is constructed with a pressure-relieving foam comfort layer, secondary foam and latex layers. The mattress, which is produced at a medium soft firmness level, is a great option for people who have sleep disorders due to the movements of their sleep partners. This mattress can be zipped open and is suitable for washing in the washing machine. This mattress provides an extremely comfortable sleep experience.

The disadvantage of the mattress is that the edge support is weak. The bed, which absorbs some of the body heat and traps it, can make you sweat a little on summer nights.

Dozens of new mattress companies have entered the market in recent years, and there are more budget mattress options than ever before for budget-conscious buyers. You’re looking for a mattress that will give you a great night’s sleep and you don’t want to waste your money. We will offer one more mattress recommendation for you to choose the model that is right for your budget.

Starlight Beds -Luxury Single Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

If you like a bouncy bed and sleep in combination, Starlight Beds’ luxury mattress is ideal for you. It is an ideal mattress for both back and stomach sleepers. Especially those with light and medium weights should prefer this mattress. If you move around a lot at night and sleep in different combinations, you need a hybrid mattress. This medium-firm mattress will support all your sleeping positions. It does not have any additional cooling technology, but because it has a hybrid structure, its pocketed coils allow a lot of airflow. This helps the mattress to maintain a low temperature. If you sleep on your side, this mattress may not be a good option for you, although it is medium firm. Because you do not feel enough cushioning on your hips and shoulders in the side lying position.

What Should I Consider When Buying Cheap Mattresses?

We have reviewed many types and hardness mattress options together. We know what to consider when buying a new mattress besides the price. You should physically try different hardness mattresses to know which firmness level you find comfortable. The hardness level that is considered universally comfortable is medium hardness. Stomach sleepers generally prefer hard or extra hard mattresses, side sleepers prefer soft or medium soft mattresses, and back and combined sleepers prefer medium hard mattresses.

The firmness level of the mattress is important to meet your pressure relief needs and maintain a neutral spine alignment. Relieving pressure is very important, especially for joint pain sufferers and side sleepers. Those who sleep this way place pillows on parts of their bodies to reduce stiffness and pain. Memory foam mattresses are a great option for those looking for a mattress that reduces pressure. We also gave an example for the best cheap memory foam mattresses in our article.


Best Cheap Printers for 2022

If you want to make a few prints in your office or at home, you do not need to spend a significant amount of money for this. Budget-friendly printers will provide good results for you. If you continue to work from home and have not yet returned to your office, you will need to print some documents. So you should have a good printer, but not pay that much for it. While a printer in your office prints thousands of pages a day, the printer in your home may be limited to a few pages or even not run at all for some days. We have compiled and listed the best cheap printers that you can use for hobby purposes. This article will also talk about what to look for in a printer and what features are important.

Some brands are cunning to set ink cartridge prices way too high. We will also give some advice so that you do not fall into this trap. Because a printer that is cheap in the beginning can become expensive in the long run due to the price of consumables. You should definitely take a look at this list that we share by checking the stock status and choose among affordable printers.

Canon Pixma MG3650S Wireless Inkjet Printer
Canon Pixma MG3650S Wireless Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma MG3650S Wireless Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma is specially designed for photo printing. It prints vivid color photos with high quality. This model, which you can buy for £75, can print high resolution photos. It can be used anywhere, thanks to its wireless nature. It is a printer with a print resolution of 4800 x 1200dpi. This printer, which can print almost 10 pages per minute in color, also has scanning and copying features besides printing.

Some of the most affordable printers you can buy in 2022 will, of course, be models from Canon and HP, the most well-known brands. Canon Pixma was a good example for a printer that can print color photos and a printer that can scan documents, but you don’t need such a printer if you’re only going to print black and white documents. In fact, if you can estimate how often you can print, you can find the most suitable printer for yourself. If you are going to use the printer little, you should buy a printer with a low initial cost, and if you are going to use it a lot, you should buy a printer with a low cost per page. That’s why not every printer with a low-price tag is also low cost. We’ve added a fast, quality and low upfront cost laser printer to our list.

HP LaserJet Pro M15W

The HP LaserJet Pro M15W is a fast, super-sharp quality printer that can print at up to 19 ppm. It only prints in black and white and only prints on A4 paper. Their cartridges are both high quality and highly efficient, but they are somewhat expensive. Unfortunately, cartridges for this printer are not covered by the HP Instant Ink subscription. Its dimensions are 159 x 346 x 189 mm and it weighs 3.8 kg. It is an easily portable printer because it takes up little space. It can connect to devices via both Wi-Fi and USB. The printer, which can run on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, is ApplePrint compatible. Thus, Apple users do not have to deal with complex settings when using this printer.

The LaserJet Pro M15W has a high-capacity paper tray that can hold 150 sheets of A4. In the printer working with HP 44A or CF244A black cartridges, the life of a cartridge is an average of 1000 pages. By estimating when you will reach 1000 pages of printing, you can calculate how soon you may need a new cartridge. The printer costs £85 and the cartridges are £54.

The price range of printers is much higher than we think. To find the best printer on a tight budget, you need to consider and evaluate your needs. We have compiled the best cheap printers from hundreds of printers and divided them into many categories for you. In addition to the best photo printing printer and best laser printer, we also add the best all-in-one to our list.

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3820

When it comes to budget printers, it would be impossible not to write Epson’s WorkForce model. This printer, which has a visually pleasing design, has a touch screen. You can easily learn how to access and use all the features of the printer through the Help button. This printer is an all-in-one printer. It has a flatbed scanner with high resolution scanning.

The printer has a built-in fax feature. With the USB port on the printer, you can print directly from a portable memory, which means you don’t need a computer. You can also connect to the printer via Wi-Fi, which can work with applications such as Mopria Print Service and Apple AirPrint. The disadvantage of the printer is its high cost per print. Although the color cartridge lasts a long time, the black cartridge is not very efficient, so you may need to purchase new black cartridges frequently. Still, ink prices are relatively cheap. The printer costs £145.

For some, it is sufficient for the printer to have only black and white printing functionality, while others may want to print in color and black and white on paper of different sizes, may want to have photocopies made, scan documents and photos, or even send a fax via a printer. Apart from these, printers have many different features such as wireless connection, direct document printing from USB, touch screen, display of cartridge status via program. Before you get bogged down in variable printer prices, all you have to do is pay the cheapest amount in the long run for both the printer itself and consumables like cartridges. For longer-lasting cartridges, you should choose laser printers. Laser printers can print many more pages than inkjet printers. We will recommend a different category of printers, the best portable photo printer is below.

Canon Selphy CP1300

If you’re only interested in printing photos and need a portable printer, this model is made for you. It is a compact and portable printer thanks to its low weight and small dimensions. It will do an excellent job on 4 x 6 digital prints. The paint of the photos printed by this printer dries very quickly and is very long lasting. The 3.2-inch touchscreen printer is also very easy to use. It can connect with devices thanks to its wireless connection feature. You can print photos directly from a portable memory or SD card. If you purchase an extra battery pack, you can operate this printer without connecting it to a power source. The first device you’ll want to have with you on your next trip will be this Canon Selphy CP1300 portable photo printer! Its price is £129.

You just need to print black and white documents and you’ve decided to buy a laser printer… You could print hundreds of pages of documents a day for free while working in your office, but it comes at a cost when you move home. Laser printers are the best option for printing black and white documents. If you don’t need an LCD display, touchscreen or a scanner, you shouldn’t be paying for these features. Let’s add another printer from the HP LaserJet family to our list.

HP LaserJet M209dwe

The HP LaserJet M209dwe is a fast and affordable printer. If you are interested in printing black and white documents at home, it is one of the best options for you. It can print at 30 pages per minute, which is great speed for a printer at this price. This printer can be used to print on vellum paper, labels, envelopes and the like. Duplex printing is also a feature supported by the printer. The printer comes with an Instant Ink subscription that provides the first six months of free ink toner. The HP LaserJet Pro M15 we introduced earlier did not have this subscription. When you use this printer with the HP Smart smartphone app, you can print documents from your email, Dropbox and similar cloud storage platforms, Google Drive, and other platforms. Its price is £168.

Printers are devices that make life easier. For example, printers that offer wireless connection in addition to USB connection save us the trouble of cables. Some printers provide an easy interface to their users with their touch LCD screens. A touch screen is much easier to use than trying to do things with a few analog keys. In this article, we have listed the best cheap printers you can find for five different categories.


Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds for 2022

There are many wireless earbuds available for £100 and less. The key is knowing what features are compromised in cheap wireless earbuds. If you want to get good quality at a cheap price, take a look at the best cheap wireless earbuds we’ve compiled for you. In making this list, we tested over 200 wireless earbuds in many ways. Once you decide what extra features you need, we believe you will buy one of the earbuds on our list.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 5100

One of the best earbuds for noise canceling is the BackBeat Pro 5100. It has four noise canceling microphones, minimizing wind interference and background noise on calls. It has a stylish design with a sporty look. Although it handles sound well with its 5.8mm drivers, at very high volumes the bass may sound a bit distorted. The complementary application of the earbuds makes it possible to use it better. It has on-ear detection to mute or reject calls. The earphones fit well in the ear and are quite durable. The star name of the all-in-one earbuds category is undoubtedly this earbuds model. It has an affordable price of £45.

Thanks to wireless earbuds, we can listen to music and make phone calls more freely without a cable attached to the phone. We can continue our daily lives, go to the gym or run without being stuck on a cable. We are all confident in the quality of the Apple AirPods Pro or Sony WF-1000XM4. But there are budget earbuds models at a more affordable price. Almost all models of wireless earphones come with a carrying case and charger. Things like noise canceling, safe use, ear fit are of paramount importance.

Sony WF-XB700

This earbuds model, which has a sporty design, can produce bass sounds very well, unlike the earbuds in the first row of the list. It has a total battery life of 18 hours, 9 hours from the earbuds and 9 hours from the box. It provides waterproof protection against splashing water, with powerful and clear sound. After you put the earphones in your ears, you won’t even feel they are there, they are so comfortable. Although the design is beautiful, the dimensions are a little large. Sony manufactures these earbuds as part of its line of Extra Bass audio products. It is a model with a sound system that emphasizes low frequency response rather than neutral sound balance. It performs very well for its £68 price.

There are plenty of inexpensive wireless earbuds out there that will sound as good as AirPods. And their prices are much, much cheaper than AirPods. Very good brands such as Sony, Jabra and Anker also produce wireless earbuds at cheap prices. You know more or less what you will encounter when you buy the products of these brands. But so you don’t have to try hundreds of wireless earbuds, we tried it and created a guide. We’ve tested and found the best earbuds for calling for you.

Jabra Elite 3

Although it doesn’t have as many premium features as very expensive earbuds, the Jabra Elite 3 has very reasonable features. Thanks to its noise and interference canceling microphones, it is one of the best options for phone calls and teleconferences. It boasts impressive sound quality and convenience, along with solid battery life. Just like with Sony, you can forget that you are wearing the Jabra Elite 3 wireless earbuds after you put them in your ear. It offers a great value for the price of £79.

The best budget earbuds can have as impressive sound quality as the expensive ones. When you find the hidden gem, you will be able to have wireless earbuds with all the features good enough. When it comes to all features, they cannot be compared to the market giant like the Sony WF-1000XM4, but in any case, they can meet all your needs.

Anker Soundcore Life P2

Wouldn’t you like to have wireless earbuds with good sound and comfortable fit at an even cheaper price than the ones on the list? Anker produces very high quality and expensive earbuds, as well as cheap and budget wireless earbuds. A great choice if you like to listen to podcasts or music while running, walking or playing sports. It sure doesn’t have the best sound quality and doesn’t have great design. But with its ease of use and £27 price, it is a good option for you.

You don’t have to pay hundreds of pounds for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds, those days are gone. Headphone jacks are gradually being removed from smartphones and everyone is starting to use wireless earbuds. You can easily carry your wireless earbuds in your pocket or bag with its box. Our final recommendation for the best cheap wireless earbuds is Anker’s top model.

Anker SoundCore Life P3 Truly Wireless

One of the best wireless earbuds under £100 is definitely the Anker SoundCore Life P3 Truly Wireless. Thanks to the adjustable ANC system, it can prevent unnecessary sounds during speech. Using the Anker Soundcore app, you can change the EQ presets of this wireless earbuds and customize the sounds to your liking. These earbuds can have a bass-heavy sound profile that adds extra noise and rumble to mixes if desired. Wireless earphones rated IPX5 are resistant to direct water contact. They are made with structurally durable materials and fit very comfortably in the ear. You can also use these wireless earbuds safely in the gym. The earphones have a battery life of 5.7 hours and you can fully charge the earphones 4 times through the earphone’s box. This provides a battery life of 28 hours.

The worst part of the SoundCore Life P3 is the lack of power saving feature. If you forget to turn off the earbuds, they will probably run out of batteries. There may be some lag time when connecting with iOS, Android and PC devices. It has a price tag of £69.

The wireless earbuds on this recommendation list are affordable for anyone to buy. If you don’t expect incredible things from earbuds, you should prefer to buy cheap wireless earbuds. We’ve tested more than 200 wireless earbuds when we’re listing them, and we’ve taken the feedback into account as well. We hope we have helped you find the perfect wireless earbuds for yourself.


Best Cheap Tablets for 2022

When it comes to the best cheap tablets, we can find several good options out of hundreds. Especially Amazon’s tablet models can provide high performance as well as affordable prices. On our list you will find tablets with various operating systems, sizes and different specifications. You can take a look at your needs. Operating systems will be Android, iPadOS and Fire OS.

Even if you’re just looking for a tablet for a baby who’s still growing, you’ll be able to find something for yourself from this list. Each tablet has its pros and cons, which we have made clear in the list. Although the tablets with the highest features are not in this list, budget tablet models that you can meet your needs still found a place in this list.

Amazon Fire 7 2019

It is the cheapest tablet you can find. The screen quality is not HD, it is very fast and does not have a full interface with animations. However, it has a very durable structure and can run out of charge quickly. You can do basic functions with this tablet, such as opening the browser and navigating websites or watching simple videos. In fact, we can call it an advanced Kindle. You can use this tablet as an advanced Kindle to enhance your book reading experience. You won’t believe the price, just £49.—Black—16-GB/dp/B07JQRYR5M/

As we said before, there is a tablet for almost every budget. Tablets are useful tools that you can carry, especially on travels, instead of carrying a large laptop with you. It is both an entertainment and educational tool for children. So you don’t need to pay £2000 for the latest version of the Apple iPad Pro, you can get a different cheap tablet with the same functions.

Nokia T20

The Nokia T20 is a long battery life tablet with a 10.4 inch display. You can watch the TV series and movies you want from this tablet with a picture quality that can be considered good. You can expand the storage space with microSD card support. It is a tablet that can run and use every application (except very powerful games) in the Google Play Store. Thanks to the Google Kids Space feature, it is also suitable for use by young children. If you expect high performance from your tablet, the T20 will not be suitable for you. It costs £179.

We have prepared this list by trying and testing dozens of tablets. Even the cheapest tablet on the list will perform smoothly and won’t let you down. One nice thing about budget tablets is that they are light and stylish. We mentioned that tablets have a place in the development and education of children. There are tablet models that focus on the features that children need by sacrificing unnecessary features. Among the Amazon Fire models, such models are available.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet

Amazon offers a 2-year no questions asked return policy on kids edition tablets. Tablets come with protective cover, clearer display and free kid-friendly content. The Fire HD 10 Kids Tablet has a comprehensive parental control system. Thanks to its good battery life, it can be used for hours on a full charge. It has a 10-inch screen and offers both clear and vibrant colors. The best tablet for kids, it’s available for £199.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019

It is one of the best tablets to buy on a budget because it comes at an excellent £199 price. It has an exquisite design with its aluminum body. Its screen is good and it has good battery life. Since it is a model that will turn 3 years old, it is not very suitable for games, so we do not recommend you to buy this model if you want to play games or do things that require high power.

We can also think of tablets as a canvas or portable TV. Because while you are doing your daily work at home, you can carry the tablet, which is quite small compared to the laptop, anywhere and continue the series you watch from where you left off. Artists and illustrators can easily draw on the tablet screen what they find difficult to draw with the mouse. Having a tablet means you can continue your graphic design projects wherever you are. You can use hundreds of paid & free apps via tablets to draw, paint, vector and make music.

So far, all the tablets on the list have been priced under £200. If you want a better-featured tablet, you can increase your budget a little and take a look at those options. Although you can’t do the things we mentioned above with every tablet, a good Android tablet allows you to do all of them. Galaxy Tab S7 is one of those tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

If you want to use Android OS and want a powerful tablet to both play games and do other things quickly, the Galaxy Tab S7 is the best tablet for them. With its 12.4 inch LCD screen, it provides a sharp, clear and bright image for both games and videos. It has a 120 Hz refresh rate. It has four powerful speakers. If you want to draw, this tablet is for you. You can start drawing right away with the tablet that comes with the Samsung S Pen. If you also have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can use Samsung DeX software to turn your tablet into a productivity tool with a desktop-like interface. This tablet also supports LTE/5G network service. The price is a bit expensive compared to other tablets on the list, at £619.

Tablets are as important as laptops and printers for those who work at home. Since the rates of working at home have increased, the popularity of the tablet market and the variety of tablets have also increased. If you have a good phone and you’re going to buy a tablet just to read, watch and draw, you don’t have to pay a lot of money for it. In the list of 2022 best budget tablets, there is again an Amazon-branded tablet.

Amazon Fire HD 10 2021

It is the normal version of the tablet, which we also listed the children’s version before. The purpose of this tablet with a big, bright and sharp screen is to get it on a budget and do your daily work. It has a screen with 1920 x 1200 HD resolution. It has Amazon Fire OS and can run any application in Amazon’s library. It is not an ideal tablet for gaming. It has a price tag of £149.

To do certain things, we need gadgets that are larger than cell phones and lighter than laptops. Tablets are produced precisely for this need. You can choose to use a tablet with iOS operating system instead of Fire OS or Android. Although Apple usually has a more expensive price policy than other brands, there is still an Apple budget tablet model.

2020 Apple iPad Air

The 2020 iPad Air with 64GB of storage will be the best iPad option for you. This tablet, which comes with Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support, is one of the 8th generation iPads. It has A12 Bionic Chip and its operating system is iOS 12. The 10.2-inch retina display provides an excellent view. Its rear camera is 8MP and its front camera is 1.2MP. Its stereo speaker lets you listen to videos, songs and audiobooks clearly and loudly. iPad Air provides 10 hours of active use on a full charge. When you create your touch ID, you can secure your tablet with your fingerprint and make easy payments while shopping. One of the best tablets for drawing, music production, playing games, watching movies and everything else is the 2020 Apple iPad Air. It currently costs £532.

iPad for those who want to experience quality by using the iOS operating system, Samsung for those who want to be a part of the Galaxy ecosystem, Nokia or Lenovo to take advantage of Android at a cheap price, Amazon to try the Fire OS operating system… We have offered many tablet recommendations, and we have recommended an entry-level tablet for those who want to own an iPad. In this list, you will definitely find a tablet suitable for daily use and decide to buy one.


Best Cheap Laptops for 2022

In this article, we have selected the best cheap laptops you can buy in 2022 that will give you reliable performance. Laptops are getting more and more processing power and cooling technology that can rival those of desktop computers every day.

The best cheap laptops cost between £300 and £1000. This price range sounds great, as if such cheap computers really wouldn’t be enough for the myriad of things today’s users would want to do. While brands are focused on gaming laptops that offer higher-end features, or video editing laptops, they all produce low-cost laptops. Computer manufacturers know that not everyone has to have an expensive and very powerful computer. That’s why there’s competition among budget-friendly laptops as well. Designed especially for use in the office, school or home, these laptops are designed to run browsers and programs quickly, have a light weight and have a long battery life. If you want an ergonomic keyboard design, great speakers, and a very powerful graphics card, gaming computers are more suitable for you, but if you want a budget-friendly laptop, these laptops are for you.

Best Budget Laptop List

OrderLaptop ModelPrice
1ASUS Chromebook CX1£349
2PixelBook Go£699
3HP Pavilion Gaming 15£1019
4Dell Gaming G15£699
5Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series£339
6Samsung Chromebook 4£465
ASUS Chromebook CX1
ASUS Chromebook CX1

ASUS Chromebook CX1 – Best for Everyday Use

Chromebooks find themselves at the top of the laptop market with their stylish design and many functions. If you’re looking for a good quality laptop for £349, the ASUS Chromebook CX1 is the first laptop you should consider. The appearance of this laptop is truly a marvel of design. Just like its looks, its technical features are packed with the latest technologies.

Its 14-inch FHD nano-edge screen will reflect vivid colors and contrast colors to you very well. This device, which you can use for a long time, has a good battery life. It can be used for 12 hours when fully charged. The device has an Intel Celeron N3350 model processor. In addition to this processor, there is 4 GB RAM and 64 GM eMMC hard disk. Thus, you can quickly handle all your transactions.

PixelBook Go
PixelBook Go

PixelBook Go

Good quality and low price come together in this laptop. This is one of the best Chromebook models for everyday use. The battery life is long enough that you can use it for almost a day. The Pixelbook’s sister model, it ranks high among budget laptop models. It is a device that can run all cloud-based applications running on the Google Chrome OS operating system. It is an easily portable model thanks to its thin and light design. It has a 1080p front camera and a backlit keyboard. The best everyday laptop to own for £699.

Budget-friendly laptops are inexpensive and deliver on their promises. They are usually between 11 inches and 15 inches in size for easy transport and long battery life. So the fact that these laptops are cheap does not mean that they are of poor quality or low performance. On the contrary, laptops can be produced cheaply without sacrificing image quality and performance. Chromebooks are not ideal for gaming. With this laptop, you can meet your basic needs such as watching videos, surfing with a browser, using package programs, checking your e-mails and video conferencing.

Here are the cheapest laptops for gaming, photo editing, music production and more.

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

Inexpensive gaming laptops come with very good performance, yet stylish looks and an easy-to-carry weight. As such, they can often be a bit expensive. If you don’t need the latest gaming laptop and graphics chips like the RTX 3080 or RTX 3070, you don’t have to pay thousands of pounds for a gaming laptop if you’re willing to play games at medium or low graphics settings.

If your CPU will be AMD Ryzen it should be 4000 / 5000, if it will be Intel it should be 9th generation or higher. Hard disk should be SSD if possible. The laptop must have at least 8GB of RAM and have a minimum GTX 1650 GPU. VRAM should also be at least 4GB.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15
HP Pavilion Gaming 15

HP Pavilion Gaming 15

The Pavilion Gaming 15 model offers us a great and inexpensive gaming laptop. The computer, which has both SSD and HDD storage options, has an AMD Ryzen 5800H 8 core CPU. It has a 1080p display with a 144 Hz refresh rate, powered by an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics card. 16 GM RAM, 1 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD are available in this laptop. For £1019 you can get this special gaming laptop.

If this laptop is out of your budget, fear not, there are other options. Again, we will recommend another gaming laptop with at least 1080p resolution and 120hz refresh rate.

Dell Gaming G15
Dell Gaming G15

Dell Gaming G15

The Dell Gaming G15 is more affordable than other gaming laptops. Despite its low price, it still has many features to improve your gaming experience. It is a laptop that is both cost-effective and allows you to play new games on the market. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD. Storage space is disposable. You can play games at 120 Hz on a 15.6 inch FHD screen, because this gaming laptop has 4GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics and 8 GM RAM. This means that you can play almost any game on the market at low or medium settings with this gaming laptop that you can buy for £699.

In this option, RAM, screen refresh rate and GPU are of lower quality than the other option. Because these expensive features have been reduced and the cost has been reduced. In order to reduce the price, the quality of the materials of the laptop, the ergonomics of the keyboard, the sound quality of the speaker may have been compromised. Regardless, starting a game and keeping it running at at least 60 FPS is enough for a game to be playable. It is one of the laptops that university students can buy by saving their pocket money.

Best Cheap Laptop for Photo Editing

For photographers, a laptop is as important a tool as a camera. You don’t need very high-end and expensive laptops to use high-end photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop is programmed to be used on most mid-range computers. You can have the best laptop for photo editing at a fraction of your salary for £339.

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series

The best laptop for photo editing should be able to quickly run Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Series is a low-priced laptop with features suitable for photo editing.

This laptop comes with Windows 10 Home. Thanks to the backlit, high-quality, anti-glare LED display, you can see the photos clearly. Thanks to its multiple HDMI and USB ports, you can connect multiple devices to the laptop. Its processor is an old model Intel Celeron N4020.

One of the cheapest computers for photo editing is this one, which can be purchased for £339. This laptop, which can be considered light in weight, has a wonderful stylish design in black. Its 8GB DDR4 RAM is sufficient for photo editing. It has 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD hard drives so you can store more images. If you don’t want to buy an expensive laptop, this laptop is one of the best alternatives as an affordable and powerful laptop. If you want the highest power and advanced features for RAW editing, you may want to consider purchasing the same laptop with 16GB RAM.

Best Cheap Music Production Laptop

Creating music professionally at home is much cheaper than it used to be. There are inexpensive notebook options for creating and combining rhythms and sheet music.

Samsung Chromebook 4
Samsung Chromebook 4

Samsung Chromebook 4

Chromebook may not run all digital audio workstations. You can run digital audio workstations using FL Studio programs. This laptop is ideal for on-the-go use because it’s compact in size. This laptop, which you can buy for £465, runs on Chrome OS. Unfortunately, the applications that can be used in this operating system are limited.